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    Men's Night At Ledgeview


To offer amateur women membership in the Ledgeview Golf Club Ladies’ Golf Association (the “Association”) for a period of one year, and to showcase the advantages of membership in our Association, and Ledgeview Golf Club.


To amateur women who have never held a membership at Ledgeview Golf Club. Each Affiliate must have or obtain a Golf Canada (RCGA) Handicap Factor.

Offering Period

This is a one – time offer and is valid for one year only. After the one year term expires, and should the Affiliate decide not to join Ledgeview Golf Club, she will be eligible to play as a guest on Tuesday Play Days, as outlined in the Association’s Guest Play Policy.


Due will be determined by the Ladies’ Association Executive.

Green Fees

Affiliates will pay applicable green fees for the day. An Affiliate may also purchase any golf game package that Ledgeview offers.


The Affiliate is ONLY eligible to:

  1. Compete in all Association Tuesday Play Days; including all pin rounds – both Provincially and Federally. Any Affiliate not having a current Golf Canada (RCGA) Handicap Factor can participate in play days if the game of the day permits. The participation fee for each Tuesday Play Day is $2.00.
  2. Compete in the yearly Ringer board
  3. Receive a pin for breaking 100, 90, 80 and 70 for the first time.
  4. Receive Eagle and Hole in One Pins for each one made;
  5. Attend the Spring and Fall General Meetings of the Association held during her one year membership. She has the right to speak at these meetings but not to make motions or to vote.
  6. Participate in all social activities of the Association.
  7. Partake in Team Play ONLY if a Full entitlement member is unavailable to participate. The affiliate must have an established handicap and have played at least three times in the Tuesday games.

The Affiliate is NOT eligible to:

  1. Participate in Club Match Play.
  2. Participate in Club Championships.
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