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Junior Night


Ledgeview Junior Night is a weekly golf program run throughout the summer designed to help beginner and intermediate junior members learn all aspects of the game. Over the course of 17 weeks, students will learn about golf etiquette, rules, swing, putting, chipping etc.


Junior Night will kick off on Thursday, May 25th starting at 5:00PM and will run every Thursday throughout the summer until September 7th. Students can elect to play 9 holes or stay back and practice on the range or putting green.


Each week, Junior Night will include 30 minutes of instruction from one of Ledgeview's certified golf professionals (Luke Bogdan) followed by 9 holes of golf in which Luke will supervise. Junior Night is open to any Ledgeview Junior Members and comes at no additional cost to them.


  • Food is not included. Students who want to eat at the golf course before or after Junior Night will need to purchase snacks or beverages from our concession or bring their own food.
  • Students MUST sign up for Junior Night each week by Tuesday at 8:00PM at the latest, but no earlier than Thursday evening at 8:00PM for the following week. For example, For the Junior Night on Thursday June 2nd, students will be able to sign up as earlier as Thursday, May 25th at 4:00PM, but no later than Tuesday, May 31st at 8:00PM. Student’s who do not sign up prior to Junior Night may not be able to participate if the list is full.
  • There is a limit of 20 students per week, so be sure to sign up before the list is full. You can sign up by calling Ledgeview Golf Club at 604-859-8993 or visiting the sign up sheet located at our temporary check-in location.
  • If you purchased a junior membership before November 2016, your membership would have expired on April 1, 2017. You will need to renew you membership in order to participate in Junior Night

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